A Month of Crystals and Oils – Enhancing the Quality of Your Life Naturally

A Month of Crystals and Oils
107 Pages
Self Published
ISBN 9781981049189

This book is designed to give you a solid foundation for pairing crystals and oils to enhance the quality of your life naturally. Learn everything you need to get started, like how to pick out crystals, what you need to do before you use them, the best way to use essential oils, as well as an entire month of pairings to get you started! Learn interesting facts about the crystals and essential oils featured in this book to give you a better understanding of why they are excellent duos to help you get more out of life each and every day.

Raine Mertz

About Raine Mertz (Charleston, South Carolina Author)

Raine Mertz

Raine Mertz, the founder and CEO of Raine's Realm was born in Charleston, South Carolina. She spent her childhood traveling the United States with her parents, courtesy of the Navy. As an adult, she has served her country in the U.S. Marine Corps and then her County as a Constable. She has now dedicated her life to serving her community through writing empowering books and offering luxurious Reiki to her exclusive members. Her mission is to show the world how to harness the Law of Attraction and natural health to live at a higher level in life.

Her first book, A Month of Crystals and Oils, is the first book of it's kind that pairs crystals and essential oils into daily ideas to manifest success and abundance.