Adam = Alien – Unveiling Our True Origins

Adam = Alien
261 Pages
Pegasus Publishing
ISBN 978-1791399542

Adam = Alien is a groundbreaking book, examining possible evidence of our extraterrestrial origins. In the vein of Erich Von Däniken, Lloyd Pye, and Zecharia Sitchin, it explores human origin, UFOs, pyramids, religion, science, and our culture's and government's suppression of its proof. It is written by a former skeptic whose research has concluded that most of what he has learned regarding the subject matter above was completely wrong, that the powerful institutions that control our education have woven for us a fairy-tale myth to protect their interests-and that has been recapitulated and regurgitated over the past two thousand years. This book is a wakeup call to you-the open-minded, inquisitive thinker. It provides for you documentary and photographic evidence that proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that extraterrestrials have existed here on earth and have intervened for the past 445,000 years in the human experience.

Leon Bibi

About Leon Bibi (North Jersey Author)

Leon Bibi

Leon Bibi (1965 - ) was born in Brooklyn, NY. His father was a WWII veteran having fought in D-Day on the beaches of Omaha Beach. Leon attended high school in Riverdale, NY at the prestigious Riverdale Country School, college at Washington University in St. Louis, and law school at the University of Miami. Leon was CEO of his father's lighting business for 22 years, and a member of Young Presidents Organization for 17 years. Leon is the author of "Adam = Alien" published in 2014 and "Adam Decoded" published in 2018. They are part of "The Adam Series" trilogy.

Leon is an expert on subjects such as Human Origins, Biology, and Ancient Mythology and Archaeology. He is a believer in Ancient texts representing actual human events and true history, and his thesis is both controversial and explosive.

Leon is an adjunct Professor of Alternative Science in NJ, has been a guest speaker on "Coast to Coast AM" radio show, and will be on the History Channel's Ancient Alien Series television show next year.

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