Adam Decoded – A Brief History of Man's True Origins

Adam Decoded
268 Pages
Pegasus Publishing
ISBN 978-1720247777

Why did the the "missing link" evade Charles Darwin. This book takes the reader on a journey to evaluate clues given in the Bible, ancient archaeology and Sumerian texts written in code 4,000 years ago. These clues shake the foundations of conventional science, history and religion."Adam Decoded" involves the reader to participate in solving the age-long question of man's origin. Who are we? Where are we from? Who really were Adam and Eve, and where is the Garden of Eden? This book, the long-awaited sequel to "Adam = Alien", helps to decode the past using credible photographic and written texts. This code brings to light many unearthed principles hidden from our common education system, that makes the reader think critically about our accepted theory of evolution, the creation of unexplainable pyramids and monoliths, and our rapid and sudden development in brain capacity. The clues are woven within the framework of the book to unravel this 4,000 year old secret. The answer to the puzzle lies right under our skin - the Adam Code.

Leon Bibi

About Leon Bibi (North Jersey Author)

Leon Bibi

Leon Bibi (1965 - ) was born in Brooklyn, NY. His father was a WWII veteran having fought in D-Day on the beaches of Omaha Beach. Leon attended high school in Riverdale, NY at the prestigious Riverdale Country School, college at Washington University in St. Louis, and law school at the University of Miami. Leon was CEO of his father's lighting business for 22 years, and a member of Young Presidents Organization for 17 years. Leon is the author of "Adam = Alien" published in 2014 and "Adam Decoded" published in 2018. They are part of "The Adam Series" trilogy.

Leon is an expert on subjects such as Human Origins, Biology, and Ancient Mythology and Archaeology. He is a believer in Ancient texts representing actual human events and true history, and his thesis is both controversial and explosive.

Leon is an adjunct Professor of Alternative Science in NJ, has been a guest speaker on "Coast to Coast AM" radio show, and will be on the History Channel's Ancient Alien Series television show next year.

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