Afflicted – Book One of the RTX Chronicles

423 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9991880-0-2

The apocalypse came and went in a single day. When the smoke cleared, half the people in the world were dead. As governments and communities fought to stay intact, dangerous powers manifested in a few of the survivors.

Being afflicted was never easy--but when you were cast out by family, wanted by the government, grappling with inner demons, and chased by monstrous beings intent on killing you--it could be a nightmare.

Thrown together by fate, Ruddy, Teri and Xeke hadn’t asked for these abilities, and they certainly hadn’t asked to be hunted for what they could do. But this was life now, and if they were going to survive, they had to learn to trust each other--and more importantly, to trust themselves. Everyone else wanted them dead.

That’s the way things are when you're...


Michael B Hinton

About Michael B Hinton (Baton Rouge, Louisiana Author)

Michael B Hinton

Michael B. Hinton was born and raised in a small town in rural Louisiana, and spent many of his childhood weekends raiding his father’s sci-fi paperback collection. He worked for a while at a small daily newspaper, where he learned the importance of missing deadlines and of taking lunch away from the office.

To avoid finding real work, Michael made his living in politics and government for more than a decade before settling down to write a book. He lives with his two cats, Zephyr and Yin-Ying, and enjoys telling kids to get off his lawn.