After All These Years - Prelude

After All These Years - Prelude
260 Pages
ISBN 9798514596652

Denise’s life is full, and yet completely empty. Stuck in a loveless marriage, even the thrill of running a New York City bakeshop and working at a major opera house can’t fill the gaping hole in her heart.

Then, one evening, Vincenzo Moretti walks up the grand staircase at Masterworks Opera. When their eyes meet, Denise knows it would be folly to fight her feelings.

When Vincenzo returns to his home city of Rome, Denise is heartbroken – but she always knew it wouldn’t last. Then one day, he walks back into her life….

D.D. Bartholomew

About D.D. Bartholomew (Long Island, New York Author)

D.D. Bartholomew

D.D. Bartholomew was born in Brooklyn, NY and has live in, Australia, Canada and in Japan. After 40 plus years in the corporate world, she gave it up and retired.

Opera, is her passion, both listening and performing. She volunteers at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City and can most often be found at the membership desk on the Grand Tier.

She’s published numerous articles on Vocal Media. Her first novel in ‘duet’ form has recently been published on Amazon.

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