After Laughing Comes Crying – Sicilian Immigrants on Louisiana Plantations

After Laughing Comes Crying
136 Pages
ISBN 188190169-6

This book follows the life of Giovanni Graci, a farmer in Sant' Anna di Caltabellotta, Agrigento, Siciy, his decision to leave the island in 1900, his trip aboard the SS California to American by way of the Port of New Orleans, and his experiences working on a sugar plantation in southern Louisiana.

It is primarily fictional, but includes factual incidents from the author's ancestral research through Mormon Church records, newspaper articles, books,, other internet research, and his ancestral research in Sicily.

Joseph L. Cacibauda

About Joseph L. Cacibauda (Reno, Nevada Author)

Joseph L. Cacibauda

Joe is a retired elementary teacher and musician who lives in Reno, Nevada with his wife Sue, a retired nurse and a healing practitioner. He is the author of of two historical fiction books, Not for Self: A Sicilian Life and Death in Marion and After Laughing Comes Crying: Sicilian Immigrants on Louisiana Plantations, both published by Legas Press of New York.

He has also written two other books Einstein's Formula and Bass Solos: A Novel which are published by CreateSpace through Amazon.

Joe enjoys writing music as well as books, traveling, and especially meeting with friends around good food and conversations.