Along My Garden Path – Poems on the rhythms of life

Along My Garden Path
176 Pages
ISBN 978-1951188108

Chronicling a life filled with tumultuous joy and deep sorrow, celebrations of friends, and fondness for places, Holly Schwartztol leads us along her garden path where one turn may reveal the perfect bloom, while another twist highlights a dried husk.

She invokes brilliant images, personal notes, and vibrant personalities to take the reader into her universe—her garden—where the highs and lows of life are closely examined with a unique reality. You feel her emotions and suddenly you remember someone, a place, a moment, and realize that you, too, once had a reality almost like that.

Holly W Schwartztol

About Holly W Schwartztol (The Villages, Florida Author)

Holly W Schwartztol

Holly W. Schwartztol has a Ph.D. from the University of Miami and recently retired from her psychology practice of 30 years. She likes to write novels she would like to read and focuses on the complexities of human relationships. Her characters prompt her writing and sometimes even she is surprised by where they lead her.