An Unlikely Trio – Prequel to Best Laid Plans Trilogy

An Unlikely Trio
294 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9890079-3-1

When Mab bottoms out behind drugs and alcohol and drags her sorry ass out of the crack house and off the streets of Oakland into Happy Acres rehab, she gets a second chance at pulling her life together.

Shalese hops the Greyhound out of Detroit after her Granny dies, leaving her alone in the world. She travels to San Francisco where being gay is less of an issue, and where she can establish a halfway house for female ex-felons. She meets Mab at the top of Mab's game and falls in love.

Jenny, a trust-fund baby, suffers from entitlement and privilege in white collar Akron. She also considers that for her, heterosexuality may be just a passing phase. Wanting to escape the meaningless life of too much money and time, she journeys to San Francisco where she eventually becomes the felon that needs Shalese's halfway house to get her life back on track.

Is it fate or mere serendipity that brings together these unlikely sojourners of life?

Jo Lauer

About Jo Lauer (Santa Rosa, California Author)

Jo Lauer

Jo Lauer is a psychotherapist in Sonoma County, California. Her articles and essays have appeared in Sacred Hoop, Psychology Today, Journal of Clinical Activities, Assignments & Handouts in Psychotherapy Practice, Tiny Light, Moondance, GRIT magazine, In The Family, and Sonoma County Women’s Voices.

She has published two novellas, Waltzing with the Azaleas and Sojourner. Her story, “Quilt of Souls,” appears in the Vintage Voices 2010 Redwood Writers Anthology, Words Poured Out. Her essay, “She” appears in Potpourri For and About Women.

She is the author of Returning: A Collection of Stories and the lesbian fiction mystery trilogy, Best Laid Plans, which includes An Unlikely Trio: Prequel, Best Laid Plans: A Cozy Mystery, and Gone Awry: Sequel.

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