Bass Solos – A Novel

Bass Solos
203 Pages
ISBN 9781537269825

Tyrone Broadbent hates his office job. He decides he wants to work with his grandfather making and repairing boots and shoes. This profession to him is a quiet and simple way to earn a living. Because of a bad day at his office Tyrone becomes unemployed and sees this as an opportunity to join his grandfather.

The problem is money: He has saved none to live on or to contribute to his grandfather's profitless business. When he gets a call from Dallas to join a musical show traveling through Texas, he takes the job as its bassist. Touring thought Texas in the heat of summer, Tyrone learns a thing or two about living a quiet and simple life.

Joseph L. Cacibauda

About Joseph L. Cacibauda (Reno, Nevada Author)

Joseph L. Cacibauda

Joe is a retired elementary teacher and musician who lives in Reno, Nevada with his wife Sue, a retired nurse and a healing practitioner. He is the author of of two historical fiction books, Not for Self: A Sicilian Life and Death in Marion and After Laughing Comes Crying: Sicilian Immigrants on Louisiana Plantations, both published by Legas Press of New York.

He has also written two other books Einstein's Formula and Bass Solos: A Novel which are published by CreateSpace through Amazon.

Joe enjoys writing music as well as books, traveling, and especially meeting with friends around good food and conversations.