Believe It To See It – Dreams Do Come True

Believe It To See It
96 Pages
ISBN 978-1979777247

God placed in our hearts beautiful ideas and images - these are the dreams that we long to realize.  

“Believe It to See It” is a story of unwavering hope and faith in God's miracles. In this book, Gemma recounts how her dream of migrating from the Philippines to the USA was realized.  She shares how life’s twists and turns did not deter her from believing her dreams could come true.

This book is God’s message to everyone. Hold on to your dreams. Believe in its power even if you do not know exactly how they may happen. Allow God to nurture your beautiful ideas and images and trust Him to fulfill it in His time.

Maria Gemma Hilotin

About Maria Gemma Hilotin (Albuquerque, New Mexico Author)

Maria Gemma Hilotin

Maria Gemma Defeo Hilotin came to the USA from the Philippines in September 2007. She started as a special education teacher and moved her way up to become an IEP facilitator/writer. Currently, she works as an education administrator and project director for a federal grant.

She is a Cum Laude graduate with a Bachelor's in Secondary Education major in Computer Technology at the University of Santo Tomas and a Master's in Science Teaching in New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in Socorro, New Mexico.

Her entrepreneurial spirit has led her to join and build businesses on top of her full-time job, master’s studies, blogging, and active participation with Couples For Christ (CFC) in New Mexico.

She is a miracle-believer, life-long learner, a blogger, and a “dreams-do-come-true” advocate.

Currently, she has written two books: Believe It to See It: Dreams Do Come True and Together Forever: 25 Lessons to Happily Ever After.

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