Between the Light and Dark

How well do you know your enemies?

The light and dark elves have warred against each other longer than anyone can remember—that’s why Elysia, princess of the light elves, is only allowed outside after nightfall once a year. This year, a grim surprise awaits her after the Harvest Sunset.

Taken from her escort by a host of goblins, Elysia finds herself dragged away from her homecity and blighted with an ailment that will rob her of her life within a week. Her only hope is to put her trust in her mysterious rescuer, an elf who claims he can provide her with an antidote, but it comes in the hands of the very people the princess fears above all others: the dark elves.

Swept away in her rescuer’s schemes, Elysia is led on a journey she never would’ve expected, one that brings her to question everything she’s ever believed about her kingdom’s adversaries.

Shannen L. Colton

About Shannen L. Colton (Buffalo, New York Author)

Shannen L. Colton

Shannen L. Colton is a professional daydreamer (read: fantasy author) who writes from Upstate New York. She enjoys a quiet life with her family and cats.

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