Beyond Dark Skies

Beyond Dark Skies
258 Pages
ISBN 9781450533942

Nobody expected an airplane carrying a hundred people to crash, least of all Lenny, a young passenger who finds himself transitioning to the other side and adjusting to an entirely new existence.

From his new perspective, Lenny witnesses the ways in which his death affects the people he left behind. From his grieving parents to his younger brother, each of them must try to process the shock of losing Lenny in such a horrific way.

With guidance from his guardian angel, Lenny tries to help his loved ones through the grieving process by using his energy to reach them emotionally. But what Lenny doesn’t realize is that if people aren’t open to receiving his messages, they won’t. Ultimately it is up to each person how he or she will live after Lenny’s death—for better or for worse.

Beyond Dark Skies is a touching and astute look at how losing loved ones in the physical world does not mean losing them spiritually. With a compassionate examination of what it means to find purpose among loss, this book is a guiding light in a situation that can feel so dark.

Carolyn Coarsey

About Carolyn Coarsey (Albuquerque, New Mexico Author)

Carolyn Coarsey

Carolyn V. Coarsey, PhD, is a pioneer in the world of workplace tragedy response. After losing her fiancé in a plane crash, Coarsey realized there was a need for research in preparedness, which led her to develop her internationally recognized training program, Human Services Response™. As a mental health educator and business consultant, Coarsey helps companies respond to tragedy in a way that not only contains the situation but also helps stabilize survivors and foster compassion.

For over thirty years, Coarsey has interviewed family members and survivors of tragedy, witnessing firsthand the way loss can transform a life for better or for worse. It is from these stories and from her spirituality that she drew inspiration for Beyond Dark Skies.

Coarsey is the cofounder and president of the Family Assistance Education and Research Foundation. Beyond Dark Skies is her debut work of spiritual fiction.