Beyond the Veil – Our journey home

Beyond the Veil
239 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9-9638606-5-1

Beyond the Veil: Our Journey Home by Diane Goble is a workbook designed to help families have "The Conversation" about patients' wishes for end of life care, fill out the necessary paperwork and pre-need plans, and prepare themselves emotionally and spiritually for transition by learning together to practice the Art of Conscious Dying. This edition was derived from an online course developed by the author to train end of life caregivers (hospice and palliative care workers, chaplains, medical and nursing students, assisted living aides, alternative healers) to be Transition Guides who teach the Art of Conscious Dying to their clients. It may be used as a textbook, but it is also directed toward laypersons to encourage them to become Transition Guides for their dying family members. This workbook is in large print to accommodate readers who may have compromised vision and each chapter ends with a page or two for notes. Diane Goble, who has a Master's degree in Psychology and has been an end-of-life counselor and hospice volunteer for over 25 years, helps readers overcome fear of death and dying by sharing her experience and the lessons she learned beyond the veil when she drowned while white water river rafting in 1971.

Diane Goble

About Diane Goble (Bend, Oregon Author)

Diane Goble

In 1971, Diane had a near-death experience (NDE) while whitewater river rafting during the filming of "Deliverance" in the Chattooga River near the Georgia/North Carolina border that completely changed her life. She didn't talk about her experience because of the reactions of the first people she tried to tell until 15 years later after coming across Life After Life, by psychiatrist Raymond Moody, in which he coined the term "near-death experience" and described the awareness of leaving the body, traveling toward a light, experiencing great peace and unconditional love, meeting other beings, experiencing life in other dimensions, and other experiences. In 1978 she returned to education to study psychology to help her comprehend what happened to her. In 1992 she became a hospice volunteer and has worked in the field of death and dying ever since.

Diane was a writer and finally in 1989 she began writing about her experience and the information she was given to share with others to help people overcome fear of death by realizing it is just another part of life. That there really is no death except of of the body, that our conscious awareness and who we are continues beyond this physical existence and we will see our loved ones again as we are all souls on our personal spiritual journey. Since then she has written a number of books, she developed her first web site in 1996, which is still available today, and created a training course to teach others to be end-of-life counselors whether they are called Transition Guides, Doulas, Spiritual Midwives or Chaplains. She writes non-denominationally and inclusively. That course is now a workbook for patients and caregivers called Beyond the Veil: Our journey home.

Diane is retired and lives in Sisters, Oregon. She got there by way of New York, Florida, Illinois, Colorado and California.