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228 Pages
ISBN 9781732022614

A humorously self-deprecating collection of informal essays from the ADHD mind of a father trying to time-capsule his brain before a drunk t-bones him off a bridge.

John Marszalkowski

About John Marszalkowski (Milwaukee, Wisconsin Author)

John Marszalkowski

"John is a man of many talents. One of which is pretending to be stupid. Though his academic achievements are limited, his capacities are not. In actuality, he is a man of great consideration and compassion. By engaging with life in this way, he enhances the lives of those who know him. Buy My Book: Not Because You Should, But Because I’d Like Some Money is his first book. John lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with his wife, daughter, and more animals than you can count." - Matthew Kopf, Esq.

Dear Reader, I have a low enough self-esteem to have a hard time believing that you are interested in learning more about me. Simultaneously, I'm narcissistic enough to get excited to tell you. I like to create things, but it's sometimes challenging with my low attention span. Despite my ADHD, I successfully wrote an entire book about things I've been hyper-focused on. Some of those things include: entrepreneurship, fatherhood, goals and motivation, depression, politics, community, heritage & legacy, and writing a book.

If you're wondering if my writing is for you, I'm not going to lie; It isn't. It's for me. I write for myself: A self-employed stay-at-home-dad trying to organize my thoughts about my purpose in life. I'm trying to overcome my obstacles and figure out what "peg" I am and where I "fit." Can you relate to that at all? If yes, then you will likely find value in my writing. As a reader, you get to play the role of my therapist, observing my ramblings as I write from your office sofa. You don't have to chime in, because I never shut up.