Cabo and Coral Meet A Kelp Hugger – Understanding Climate Change

Cabo and Coral Meet A Kelp Hugger
32 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9833841-6-8

Cabo and Coral Meet a Kelp Hugger: Understanding Climate Change, by Del Mar, California middle schooler Paolo Cabo Wahn and Dr. Udo Wahn, the author of the Cabo and Coral book series, with art by Wyland Ocean Artists Society member Jennifer Belote. This is Dr. Wahn’s 6th children’s book. Cabo and Coral befriend Kelpy an octopus that is recovering in an aquarium after being injured in the ocean. Kelpy returns to the ocean after many years of recovery only to find the world as he knew it had changed drastically. Cabo and Coral use what they learned in school about climate change to fill Kelpy in on the drama unfolding on the planet. The inspiring story and beautifully illustrated book is geared for children between the ages of six and eleven, and will compel children and their families to take action for clean water and energy and fill them with hope!

Udo Wahn M.D

About Udo Wahn M.D (Long Island, New York Author)

Udo Wahn M.D

Udo grew up in the small village of Sayville along the shores of the Great South Bay separating Long Island, NY from Fire Island and the Atlantic Ocean. His environmental activism dates to the time of the 1969 Santa Barbara Oil Spill. This horrific event sparked a great movement in environmentalism. He joined Surfrider Foundation in the 80’s and serves on the Executive Board. Udo is a retired physician. Udo was trained By former Vice President Al Gore and is a certified Climate Reality Leader.

He penned the Cabo and Coral series of books with aloha for the ocean-minded child. These books are chock full of environmental messages. He is also a supporter of Reef Check Foundation, Heal the Bay, and the Helen Woodward Animal Center.

Currently Udo serves as liaison to the STOP Climate Change Committee of Surfrider. His latest book for kids is Cabo and Coral Meet A Kelp Hugger: Understanding Climate Change