Captain Doris Vail – Female Navy Trailblazer

Captain Doris Vail
148 Pages
ISBN 978-1951188115

“Any woman contemplating the Navy as a career needs to read about this amazing trailblazer.” —Margaret Best, Award-Winning author of Dandelion Child

This easy-to-read memoir explores how Captain Doris Vail opened doors to women in non-traditional jobs, on ships, and at Naval Academies. Once a sick, yet courageous child, she grew into a caring, competent, influential Naval officer. She served as a trailblazer helping create opportunities for women in the United States Navy. More women serve today than ever before. Read how doors opened for them in a traditionally male society.

Doris Vail

About Doris Vail (The Villages, Florida Author)

Doris Vail

Born in Loveland, Colorado, in 1935, Doris moved with her family to Cheyenne, Wyoming, where, at five years old, she became ill and spent time in The Children’s Hospital in Denver. After three years, Doris returned to her family in Cheyenne, where she attended school. Miss Vail graduated with a degree in special education from The University of Denver and enrolled in the Navy in 1958. She tells her story of serving in the United States Navy.

As a trailblazer, Doris served as the first female officer in several positions held traditionally by men. She was involved in official committees and wrote regulations exploring how the Navy can better accommodate the increasing involvement of women in non-traditional jobs. While in the service, Doris attended different schools as the first Naval woman earning her master’s degree in personnel administration. She continued her education, earning her DBA in business administration. Upon retirement, Doris continued aiding other female veterans.

Her parents worked in Cheyenne, Wyoming, until retirement in 1970. Her father, Donald B. Vail, worked as a switchman on the Union Pacific Railroad, while her mother, Dorothy Vail, worked in the Wyoming Land Office. Her brother, Dexter Vail, served in the US Navy for three years, then became a technician on radar and landing gear gadgets. Her sister, Donna, married and raised five children.

Doris lives in The Villages, Florida.