Career Contentment – Don't Settle for Anything Less

"Career Contentment" seems like an oxymoron to many people who wouldn't dream of associating the word contentment with their jobs or careers. Yet true enjoyment with work is attainable, and not just for the lucky few who seem to "have it all." Contentment is an emotion. It comes from within you. And it has something to do with making your life meaningful and authentic - and nothing to do with a paycheck or a gold watch. You are in charge of assessing and viewing your life, career, or circumstances in a way that will create a contented state of mind. And fortunately, with this book, you have a road map to help you get there.

Along the way, you'll learn about yourself, how you view your work, and how to create and sustain contentment, using tools such as... • Step-by-step exercises to help gain insight about yourself. • "Career Contentment: Self-Assessment." • "Notes from a Recruiter's Notebook," (real life stories). • Your "Seven Keys to Resiliency" and your "Paradoxical Qualities." • The "Career Flow Model." • "Self-Assessing Your Decisions to Leave," a worksheet and questionnaire to help you look before you leap.

You can learn to recognize and leverage the "feel good" elements of your work and retrain your mind and emotions to reach a confident, relaxed, contented state of mind. Even during tumultuous times, you'll have the ability to rise above the moment, endure, and thrive.

"This book offers a smart new take on why job dissatisfactions won't go away. For anyone looking to infuse contentment into a career, read these pages and prepare to take notes." Dan Pink, Author of A Whole New Mind.

Jeff Garton

About Jeff Garton (Milwaukee, Wisconsin Author)

Jeff Garton

Jeff Garton is President of Career Contentment LLC, a firm that provides online mental fitness training ( and consultative services to employers. He is a bestselling career author for the Association for Talent Development (ATD), a co-author with Dr. Warren Bennis, master certified career coach, and national speaker whose background is specialized in leading the global staffing for Kraft Foods and the Miller Brewing Company. Jeff developed the concept and published the first books and training programs that teach people how to strengthen their mental fitness and inner work life skills for employment success and career contentment in the post recession era. His efforts to help the jobless, transitioning veterans, dissatisfied employees, and entrepreneurs have been featured on Fox Business, ABC Sunday Morning, NPR Radio, the Wall Street Journal, Modern Medicine, Chief Executive Magazine, Chief Learning Officer Magazine, and on