Catching Karma – A James McCarthy Adventure

Catching Karma
213 Pages
ISBN 973-1-5447-2520-2

Monsoon season in Arizona heats up after a body surfaces in Lake Pleasant, pulling James McCarthy and Detective Will Dugan deep into the foothills of the Bradshaw Mountains to investigate a murder. The trail leads them back into the city, where James must once again step out of his comfort zone and assume the role of drug dealer Jimmy Ray to help his brother solve the case.

Follow James, Missy and the rest of the gang at Dugan’s Pub as they sort through a web of murder, lies, and family secrets.

Catching Karma is second installment in the James McCarthy Adventure series. To learn more about the characters read Killing Karma, the first James McCarthy adventure.

Eldred Bird

About Eldred Bird (Phoenix, Arizona Author)

Eldred Bird

Eldred Bird is an Arizona based writer of contemporary fiction. Having lived in the state most of his life, he tends to use the Phoenix metropolitan area as the home base for most of his stories. He's also spent a great deal of time exploring the deserts, forests, and deep canyons inside Arizona's borders. The broad diversity of scenery and humanity found within The Grand Canyon State makes a great backdrop for spinning tales of adventure and intrigue.

His James McCarthy Adventure Series takes full advantage of the state’s wonders, both natural and man-made. Each story takes James farther from home, and into new, interesting, and sometimes dangerous places.

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