Charleston Almanac – From Founding To The Revolution

Charleston Almanac
519 Pages
ISBN 978-0692642146

For the first time, here is a comprehensive history of Charleston - day-by-day, week-by-week. Following events from the founding of Carolina through the American Revolution, the Charleston Almanac is a fast-paced and entertaining journey through wars disasters, slavery, and covering the city's triumphs and many tragedies.

Mark R. Jones

About Mark R. Jones (Charleston, South Carolina Author)

Mark R. Jones

Mark R. Jones is an eighth-generation South Carolinian and quite possibly his own second cousin. He is an author, historian and licensed tour guide for the city of Charleston, SC. His most recent books are the CHARLESTON ALMANAC and CHARLESTON FIRSTS. He is also the author of the first complete history of the Jenkins Orphanage Band, DOIN' THE CHARLESTON: BLACK ROOTS OF AMERICAN POPULAR MUSIC & THE JENKINS ORPHANAGE LEGACY. Jones considers the story of the Jenkins Band to be "one of the greatest unknown stories in American musical history."

His first two books (WICKED CHARLESTON and WICKED CHARLESTON, VOL. II) explore the dark side of the Holy City, sex, murder and sin. He is also the author of two true crime collections of South Carolina - PALMETTO PREDATORS and SOUTH CAROLINA KILLERS. Jones was recently featured on Investigation Discovery Channel's "A Crime To Remember."