Child of Duende – A Journey of the Spirit

Child of Duende
290 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9972471-0-7

When twenty-eight-year-old German journalist Ingrid returns to her childhood home of Málaga, Spain, it’s to cover a remarkable story: on Señor Ramos’s vineyard, the vines are growing out of control. What’s more, they appear to be bleeding. Can it possibly be true? Ingrid feels a mysterious connection to the increasingly strange events taking place in her hometown, but why?

As Ingrid’s story interweaves with that of an eight-year-old child, whose grandmother fates her with the name Duende—a word that refers to the spirit of the earth that one must awaken from within—Ingrid embarks on a journey of personal rediscovery. Duende dances with Gypsies; travels below the sea with an earth spirit; speaks with her grandmother’s spirit; and has dreams that deeply transform her reality and Ingrid’s.

Ultimately, Ingrid’s return home reveals a truth that has been buried in the ground for millennia. Described by world-renowned teacher and award-winning author Sandra Ingerman as “a beautiful story that will take you into magical and mystical realms,” Child of Duende is a journey home.

Michelle Adam

About Michelle Adam (Corrales, New Mexico Author)

Michelle Adam

Raised in Switzerland, Spain, and the United States, Michelle Adam is a writer, teacher, and healer. She has led healing and teaching circles of song and sound in New Mexico, her current home, and has assisted people in awakening the spirit of the earth, duende, within them, while creating a space for the celebration of life.