Christmas Moments – Tales of Comfort & Joy

Christmas Moments
77 Pages

Bring the warmth of this season into your heart with these 12 tales of Christmas. In this inspirational short story collection set around the country, we explore modern tidings of comfort and joy.

Witness an exceptional purchase at a Christmas Bazaar, marvel at the selections at an out-of-the-way candy shop, and experience the strength of friendship in the city. Cheer for the rescuers at a snowed-in mountain resort, give the ultimate gift to your cat and your dog, and rejoice in hearts filling from that which was thought lost.

But wait, there’s more! Will there be a ‘man in red’ or a ‘man in green’? Explore the joy of giving as one of Santa’s Helpers, take a magical bicycle excursion through time, and learn the sentiments behind two family’s special antique ornaments.

Join us for 12 heartwarming tales of faith, hope, and charity told over the Christmas holiday season.

Grab a candy cane, some hot chocolate, and nestle in a chair by the fire. The glory of Christmas awaits you, as you retire.

Bonus flash-fiction story 'Our First Noel 2100' at the end of this book.

Ken Casey

About Ken Casey (Delaware Author)

Ken Casey

Ken Casey is a writer living in The Garden State with his lovely wife Eileen.

Graduate of many schools (and schools of thought), he has published over 50 science articles, a few poems, and some short stories. Ken is currently working on a Christmas Story Anthology, a science-fiction novel set on Mars, and is breeding tomatoes.

He enjoys rock collecting, photography, wood and metal working, and more. His wife claims he has too many hobbies, yet indulges him, because he enjoys so much.