Contemplative Journaling – Explorative Pages and Thoughts

Contemplative Journaling
200 Pages
ISBN 1076794807

This book is a written as a tool for mental health therapists and individuals participating in therapy. This is a journal with writing prompts that are deep, explorative, and personal. I have found that clients who journal are able to participate, much more richly and in a more focused and direct manner, in their sessions. This book is simple. It is a journal with some thoughts and topics provided for you. You may write about the topics provided, write about anything else you choose, or even draw pictures on the pages. It is your book, so you decide! Journaling is a great way to organize your thoughts. Practicing journaling allows you to begin to notice your thoughts, behaviors, emotions, reactions, and experiences throughout the week. Journaling also gives you a record of your past experiences and responses as well as a personal assessments of them. It allows you to objectively explore and assess your progress and growth. Wherever you are on your journaling journey, it is welcome on these pages. Enjoy.

Sarah A. Edwards, MA LPC

About Sarah A. Edwards, MA LPC (Anchorage, Alaska Author)

Sarah A. Edwards, MA LPC

I am the mother of two awesome daughters, Clover Joy & Esther Chai. We try to enjoy as much of the great outdoors of Alaska as we can through hiking, camping, berry-picking, and breathing in the fresh air. I also enjoy art, theatre, literature, writing, and having a good laugh.

I also deeply value my relationship with the Lord. He has been my foundation, strength, and encouragement throughout my life.

I have worked in the mental health field in Alaska for several years. My experience includes addiction counseling, marriage counseling, crisis counseling and assessment, work with children and adolescents, as well as group counseling. I have also done case management and outreach with individuals dealing with homelessness and chronic mental illness. I have also done case management and treatment planning for individuals with disabilities.

I currently own and operate my private counseling practice, Whole Serenity Counseling, in Wasilla, AK. I am a licensed professional counselor through the state of AK. I provide tele-health sessions.