Dead Song Legend Book 1 – January from Milwaukee to Muscle Shoals

Dead Song Legend Book 1
297 Pages
Self Published
ISBN 9781512396461

Tiny Jones is an unlikely hero surviving the zombie apocalypse with his unique talents any way he can. When he finds the music collectors of Dead World Records, his world opens up like never before. They are saving the music of the apocalypse survivors across zombie infested America.

Jay Wilburn

About Jay Wilburn (Charleston, South Carolina Author)

Jay Wilburn

Jay Wilburn is an author of horror and speculative fiction. He recently received a life-saving kidney transplant and is doing well with his family in South Carolina.

Wilburn was a teacher for sixteen years before quitting in 2013 to become a full-time writer. He is the author of the Dead Song Legend series, The Great Interruption, The Enemy Held Near, and more.

He challenges himself to write a short story every week and a million words a year. His goal is to draw out the best stories and novels from within that work.