Delighting in the Law of the Lord – A Psalm 119 DevArtJournal

Delighting in the Law of the Lord
200 Pages
4-P Publishing
ISBN 978-1941749005

The Psalm 119 DevArtJournal is a weekly bible study, devotional, creative art journal and prayer guide designed to assist you in getting a basic overview of the Psalm. It has intellectual, spiritual, and creative elements designed to keep the reader engaged with the text. Whether you are a seasoned student of the Word, a new believer, or somewhere in between, you will find this study useful in your private time with the Word of God. It is designed to be used as a private devotional or in a group study and prayer setting. If you or your study group are ready to see your bible study and prayer time take a unique and creative voyage, this is the study for you. For an autographed copy please go

Laura R. Brown

About Laura R. Brown (Chattanooga, Tennessee Author)

Laura R. Brown

Laura Brown - Author, Teacher, Speaker, Publishing Coach, and Creative Strategist.

Laura is the owner of the Serious Writers’ Accountability Training (S.W.A.T.) Camp where she helps aspiring authors create literary legacies and unleash their inner super hero through writing. She is the founder and coach of Wells of Truth Peer-Based Bible Coaching Group, where she teaches students how to study the Bible by using diverse study techniques. She is also the author of “Delighting in the Law of the Lord- Psalm 119 DevArtJournal” and “Color Me Delighted Psalm 119 Coloring Book” which are available on Amazon and at Barnes and Nobles. Laura’s humor, quick wit, and creative delivery style keeps listeners engaged with the message and connected to the messenger. As a wife, mother, grandmother, and an Air Force veteran, Laura offers a well-rounded view of modern-day issues.Not one to shy away from taboo topics, Laura has been described as transparent, shocking, entertaining, and “raw”! She has a heart and a gift for helping her audience discover their purpose and unleash their potential. Laura’s ability to present her message in straightforward terms will transform her audience’s mindsets, challenge them to conquer excuses, and equip them with a strategy for success to inspire them to live victoriously. Laura is a native of Toledo, Ohio and now resides in Chattanooga, TN. She is married to retired Air Force Chief, Wayne Brown and they have three children and two grandchildren. She enjoys all things creative, and planning “Pop Pop & Nanna Surprise Adventures” for her granddaughters.

You can reach Laura at: E-Mail: Website: Twitter: @coachlaurabrown Linkedin: @coachlaurabrown Phone: 423-758-5056 Mail: P.O. Box 80092 Chattanooga, TN 37414