Don't Fight Mad – A Black Belt's Quest to Recapture Joy

Don't Fight Mad
162 Pages
ISBN 979-8-5924617-0-5

Golden girl Cindy Villanueva left home for UCLA, full of promise—and one year later was an unwed teen mom and college dropout. After suffering domestic abuse and two divorces, she was on the ropes. Don’t Fight Mad describes her journey back to the joy-filled life she enjoyed as a child.

Through deeply personal stories, Cindy shares how martial arts became a metaphor for recapturing her strength, identity, and joy. She offers a candid and authentic blueprint for those who long to rekindle the wonder of a well-lived existence.

Whether you are an avid martial artist or you assiduously avoid exercise, Don’t Fight Mad has an inspiring message of fighting for joy and living in grace.

Cindy Villanueva

About Cindy Villanueva (Austin, Texas Author)

Cindy Villanueva

Cindy Villanueva is a memoirist and inspirational writer with a passion for helping women achieve lives of strength and joy. She is the co-author of Finding Our Wings: Seven Entrepreneurs on Reclaiming Hope and Power and is currently at work on a memoir, Don’t Fight Mad. Cindy is a seventh-degree black belt master instructor and owner of Ernie Reyes World Martial Arts in Austin, Texas.

Her love of teaching led her to become an adjunct professor at Concordia University Texas, where she teaches undergraduate marketing and graduate marketing management and leadership. She speaks regularly on leadership and women in business.

Cindy has four children and two grandchildren. She splits her time between Austin, Texas and New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

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