Dragon Born – Book 1: Liliquin

Dragon Born
525 Pages
ISBN 978-1-940726-21-2

From the world of JK Ensley, author of the A Dance with Destiny novels, comes the first volume of a new series: Dragon Born.

Cursed from before she can remember, Liliquin cannot mourn, feel empathy, or shed a single tear. A rare woman for anyone to ever forget, she knows only one emotion. . . joy, and not everyone sees the beauty of her strange flaw.

Yet Sebastian Steele isn’t everyone. He’s a rock star in a pop culture, a hardened player dead-set against cosmetic plastic princesses and their games. . . an ambitious alpha male whose domain is relentless tours and pitiless money men. Toughened by years of grueling work in climbing to the pinnacle of his profession, he still secretly hopes to find true love. . . his Unicorn.

But when Liliquin’s history is revealed to her and the only way to attain her own dream of a blessed life is to turn to the gods of old and the fierce Norse Dragon King she was once betrothed to. . . will she curse an ancient duty for a chance at happiness?

JK Ensley

About JK Ensley (Knoxville, Tennessee Author)

JK Ensley

JK Ensley is a native Tennessean by way of Missouri--born there and quickly ushered down South. A product of public school and private college, she spent her early twenties bouncing across the country. Fascinated by rich culture, ancient customs, and thick accents, she is compelled to drink in the many exquisite differences humanity is gifted with. A self-described, happily divorced mother of three, she does little to hide her wicked wit, advanced sarcasm, and extreme shoe addiction. "I love to write. In truth, I can't not write. Not anymore. Stories constantly play out in my mind like these amazing, unseen movies. I have to get it down on paper, no matter where I am. I never leave home without my writing journal." JK is a gifted and prolific writer specializing in epic high fantasy and the occasional love story--more adventure than romance. "At the core of me, I'm one slightly twisted, pink haired, sword wielding, invisible ninja with a laptop, an imagination, and very little me time. That's just who I am. I'm comfortable in my skin and I love my life. Totally not kidding about the hair, the swords, or the laptop. Although, I might have stretched it just a little with the invisible part."