Einstein's Formula – A Novel

Einstein's Formula
163 Pages
Black Rose Writing
ISBN 978-1-61296-399-0

Tyrone Broadbent is a music student composing music late one night when he hears a noise outside of his window. He finds a young girl lost, confused, and unable to tell him who she is. He learns she suffers from a debilitating sickness that requires constant medication.

In the days and weeks following their meeting Tyrone tries to contact her, but is prevented from doing so by her guardians; and concurrently, Ty begins to experience a number of troubling experiences, some life threatening. Ty’s good fortune is to have a friend and confidant, Blue Albert, a blind piano technician who works at the music school.

Blue has recently realized the quantum implications in Einstein’s E=MC2 formula as they apply to energy and mind. True to the quantum tenet of the uncertainty principle, Einstein’s Formula offers a number of plot twists and turns that in the end will surprise the reader.

Joseph L. Cacibauda

About Joseph L. Cacibauda (Reno, Nevada Author)

Joseph L. Cacibauda

Joe is a retired elementary teacher and musician who lives in Reno, Nevada with his wife Sue, a retired nurse and a healing practitioner. He is the author of of two historical fiction books, Not for Self: A Sicilian Life and Death in Marion and After Laughing Comes Crying: Sicilian Immigrants on Louisiana Plantations, both published by Legas Press of New York.

He has also written two other books Einstein's Formula and Bass Solos: A Novel which are published by CreateSpace through Amazon.

Joe enjoys writing music as well as books, traveling, and especially meeting with friends around good food and conversations.