Festival Europe 2016 – 65 Enchanting Places to Hear the World's Greatest Music

Festival Europe 2016
174 Pages
ISBN 9781530296736

Donʼt just see Europe. Hear it!

The sounds of the Old World are just as captivating as the sights – if you know where to go. In Festival Europe, veteran music journalist and travel writer Frank Kuznik has compiled the ultimate guide to summer festivals, where the worldʼs greatest musicians play in magnificent palaces, soaring cathedrals and spectacular outdoor settings.

Newly revised and updated for 2016, Festival Europe offers detailed program information for 65 select festivals, along with tips on the best performances, stunning photography, and smart tourism links to help readers plan the travel adventure of a lifetime.

Frank Kuznik

About Frank Kuznik (Cleveland, Ohio Author)

Frank Kuznik

From the blue-collar streets of Cleveland to the concert halls of Prague, Frank Kuznik has built an international career as an award-winning writer, editor and author. An old-school journalist with a commitment to excellence and a passion for classical music, Kuznik continues to push the parameters of his craft with his hybrid travel guide Festival Europe.

After a 26-year career as an investigative reporter and magazine writer and editor in the United States, Kuznik moved to Europe in 2002 to become Culture Editor of The Prague Post. Taking advantage of the cityʼs storied musical heritage and rich cultural life, he developed a second career as a music journalist, covering everything from jazz to opera. He now divides his time between Prague and Cleveland, writing for the Czech newspaper Hospodářské noviny and the music website Bachtrack.

Struck by the lack of a good music source for American travelers, Kuznik created Festival Europe, an insiderʼs guide to the rich summer music scene in 13 countries. Published through Amazonʾs independent CreateSpace program, the book is now in its third edition, providing novices and aficionados alike easy access to unforgettable cultural excursions abroad.