Finding Joy Around the World – Real Life Stories of Discovering Happiness, Inner Peace, and Joy

Finding Joy Around the World
192 Pages
ISBN 1503175596

If you've been wondering how to have more joy in your life, you'll love Kari Joys' "Finding Joy Around the World." Kari has collected insights and stories from 32 people in countries all over the world who have shown an interest in living with joy.

Many of these people have overcome great difficulties in their lives to find their joy and they love sharing their insights and suggestions for others who are still struggling. Their stories are honest, sincere and heart-warming and their suggestions for finding joy are profound and insightful. You'll definitely be surprised and uplifted when you read them!

When you complete "Finding Joy Around the World," you'll have a deeper understanding of what joy is and how you can create more joy in your own life.

Kari Joys

About Kari Joys (Spokane, Washington Author)

Kari Joys

Kari Joys, M.S. is a globally-recognized psychotherapist, a highly-skilled seminar facilitator and a best-selling author. She is best known for her JoyIAm Heart-Centered Process of Integrative Psychotherapy that consistently transforms pain into joy and helps ‘lost souls’ blossom into happy, healthy people.

Kari is a dynamic catalyst for change. Over the years, thousands of people have benefited from her powerful and compassionate work through her psychotherapy practice, her workshops and trainings and her presentations on radio and TV.

Kari has special expertise working with issues of stress, anxiety, depression, dysfunctional families, couples’ issues and recovery from all types of abuse. She utilizes both tears and laughter to empower individuals and help them transform their challenging emotional issues into joy, self-esteem, inner peace and lightheartedness.

Kari Joys is the Director of the Center for Creative Change. She is the author of four self-help books, Choosing Light-Heartedness, Release Your Anxiety and Depression Naturally, Finding Joy Around the World, and Who Stole Your Joy? Her books are available on

She is also the co-creator of the popular Twitter hashtag called #JoyTrain. #JoyTrain connects millions of people daily and spreads love, joy and peace globally.