Finding Our Wings – Seven Entrepreneurs on Reclaiming Hope and Power

Finding Our Wings
144 Pages
Seven Feathers Publishing
ISBN 9798665279725

Despair, excruciating emotional pain, and loss—and yet glorious triumph. After an initial failed attempt to bring this book to life at the hands of a self-proclaimed business coach, this group of entrepreneurs felt as if their wings had been clipped. But what to do?

Once again they embraced the lessons contained in this book—stories of grit, determination, redemption, and joy—this group of seven women followed their burning desire to let their voices be heard and now share with you the book you hold in your hands. They have taken their personal tragedies and transformed them into fuel for takeoff—for their businesses and their lives.

Like the mythical phoenix, each of these women has endured her own flames of destruction and yet found within them a rebirth of identity and the strength to rise. They offer you this collection of stories as a reminder of the light within you to overcome the darkness and reclaim your power.

Cindy Villanueva

About Cindy Villanueva (Austin, Texas Author)

Cindy Villanueva

Cindy Villanueva is a memoirist and inspirational writer with a passion for helping women achieve lives of strength and joy. She is the co-author of Finding Our Wings: Seven Entrepreneurs on Reclaiming Hope and Power and is currently at work on a memoir, Don’t Fight Mad. Cindy is a seventh-degree black belt master instructor and owner of Ernie Reyes World Martial Arts in Austin, Texas.

Her love of teaching led her to become an adjunct professor at Concordia University Texas, where she teaches undergraduate marketing and graduate marketing management and leadership. She speaks regularly on leadership and women in business.

Cindy has four children and two grandchildren. She splits her time between Austin, Texas and New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

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