From Now On – The Last Words Anthology

From Now On
320 Pages
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ISBN 1546721770

A villainous father and a hero in the making. A dream wedding interrupted by a mysterious stranger. Freedom fighters rebelling against the status quo. An alternate reality beyond the mirror. A genetically engineered virus. An underground society and a girl fighting to leave it behind. A city isolated from the real world and suspended in time. Selective survival. The banshee apocalypse in Maine. Nine talented storytellers share tales that focus on the moment everything changed. In a dystopian society, very little is certain, but one thing is for sure. From now on, they'll save themselves.

Nealy Gihan

About Nealy Gihan (Virginia Beach, Virginia Author)

Nealy Gihan

Nealy Gihan's writing career began with The Man Who Fell in Love With Kimberly, a three-page story loosely based on a comic book she'd read and her best friend's crush. She may have only been in third grade when she wrote it, but Nealy gained a following even at the middle school with her story and has continued to write ever since.

She holds a degree in journalism from Hampton University and a master's in literary writing from DePaul University. Professionally, she has published several articles in the Lincoln Journal Star and The Virginian-Pilot newspapers. She's received awards for journalism, screenwriting, and short fiction. Nealy is the author of "Drive" in the anthology Perception, a short story collection titled Shorts of Fiction, and "Something Old" in the From Now On anthology. When she's not writing, Nealy can be found at home in Virginia Beach, Virginia, running her business Purple Inked or training to one day join the circus.