Goodnight, Loon – Poems and Parodies to Survive the Trump Presidency

Goodnight, Loon
94 Pages
ISBN 978-1987704174

Donald Trump is an ignorant, arrogant, racist, witless, heartless, hopeless, narcissistic, nihilistic, vulgar, vile, hate-spewing, press-attacking, Nazi-loving, Hillary-obsessed, tiny-handed, orange-tinted moron. So, I began writing parodies and poems, because if I did not laugh at it all, I might have cried.

This is a book of original poems and parodies skewering the daily chaos that is the Trump Administration.

Howard Altman

About Howard Altman (Long Island, New York Author)

Howard Altman

I am an attorney and writer living in New York. I love to cook, bake, play the piano, and spoil Barney the Golden Doodle. You can find me on Twitter at @HowardA_Esq.