Gypsy Spy – The Cold War Files

Carlos de Leon has led an ideal life under his father’s care in Spain. Every day with his father, Shane Leoppard, is like an adventure. That is, until, Shane succumbs to an assassin’s bullet and dies in his son’s arms. Twelve-year-old Carlos is left all alone in the world, with only his father’s teachings to keep him safe.

But that might be all he needs. Shane taught him how to be deliberative, stealthy, and, most importantly, lethal. Carlos thinks he needs all these skills to survive the road ahead. His path will be a dark one as he swears vengeance on those responsible for his father’s death. Retribution will take him from the Roma community of France to the American Ozarks, and back, in this daring thriller. Will Carlos find revenge or redemption in his quest to avenge his father?

Cold War plots combine with supernatural encounters in this heart-pounding adventure. Author and pastor Nikolas Larum provides a unique look at espionage from a spiritual perspective. The gypsy spy will have to confront his demons to save the world from war and not lose his soul.

Nikolas Larum

About Nikolas Larum (Virginia Beach, Virginia Author)

Nikolas Larum

Nikolas Larum is a bi-vocational pastor in Chesapeake, Virginia. In addition to his thirty years of ministry, he has worked as a government contractor and in the recycling industry.

Larum has fond memories of moving to Francoist Spain when he was six. He and his family lived there for five years before returning to the Ozarks in 1976. A lifetime traveler, Larum has drawn on his own experiences as an outsider in America and abroad to write this unique thriller.

Larum lives with his wife, Heidi, and four of their children. This is the first work in a planned series.

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