198 Pages
ISBN 978-0692490730

Action packed Urban Fantasy/Sci-Fi

2027 – Earth is in the path of a raging cosmic storm, and most people believe Hadrian’s energy web will protect the planet from the destruction of the wave. Mary Sullivan doesn't believe Hadrian is the touted savior everyone thinks he is. In her gut, she knows Hadrian is responsible for the death of her parents, and she knows with a certainty he's responsible for the side effects of the energy web.

Side effects she's suffering from, and dead is dead, whether it's from the Wave or a brain blast. With the Wave only days away, she's offered a chance to survive, but will she risk the Earth for the revenge she seeks?

TG Franklin

About TG Franklin (Knoxville, Tennessee Author)

TG Franklin

I love optical illusions & shaped and distorted realities. Which is probably one of the reasons I write. The other reasons are endless. I can’t not write. (Most writers I’ve met will tell you this.)

This doesn’t mean it’s easy. I struggle to get the words from my mind to the page, and for me, it’s a slow process. Sometimes agonizing. Sometimes intense. Sometimes garbage.

I live in East Tennessee, and I often mine story ideas from the rich and diverse cultures of the Smoky Mountains, as well as the scientific communities from Oak Ridge. Showing my age here: My writing reflects the influence of the many paranormal and sci-fi television shows & movies of the 70’s, such as The Man From Atlantis, The Bionic Man, the miniseries V, Logan’s Run, the original Westworld, and the original Rollerball.

My favorite memories are of me & Dad watching those sci-fi shows, then dissecting the characters, the plots, and the technologies over a cup of coffee at the kitchen table. When I started writing in earnest, Dad was my sounding board. The discussions always started with “How can I…” and really never ended. We always found something more to add to every conversation. Dad died of cancer in 2007.