If You Bathe In Fear... Dry Off With Victory!

If You Bathe In Fear... Dry Off With Victory!
168 Pages
ISBN 978-1-949176-10-0

If You Bathe In Fear...Dry Off With Victory! Is a true story featuring a heart, named Hersha. Herha takes us on a captivating journey revealing her truth about the body she lives in from her perspective. She is funny, daring and extremely inspirational.

Hersha is a portrayal of common emotions we all have or will experience in our lives. She talks about relationships, bullying, self esteem, and self love just to name a few. It’s a roller coaster ride of hope and experiences that will leave you feeling like you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

You begin to live, when you let go of fear, and dry off with victory!

Julie Duncan

About Julie Duncan (Milwaukee, Wisconsin Author)

Julie Duncan

Julie Duncan is a mother, Author, a writer of music, an educator, and a natural caregiver to those whom may need a touch of love. She’s a woman who’s faith has paved her way. Ambition, courage, and a never ending fire burning on the inside fuels her.

Duncan’s path has not always been a straight and narrow one, yet it qualifies her as relevant to give her testimony, with the anticipation of changing and impacting lives. Julie now believes that her foundation is solid...and it is time to build.

Her Captivating story and journey is one that can be told by her as if it were a scene from a movie. She now defines herself as well as her listening audience as “Winners”, why because they have overcome.

Author Julie Duncan “Where Winners are Birth from the Inside Out”