Illusive Secrets – Discovering The Power Of Self-Honesty

Illusive Secrets
90 Pages
Telemachus Press
ISBN 978-1942899358

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In Illusive Secrets, James Patrick McDonald demonstrates the power self-honesty has to change our lives, and he asks with tender compassion if we have the willingness to meet our true selves.

With each secret he discovers, McDonald inspires us to look inward as the means of transcending our fear-based state of consciousness. His candid demonstrations reveal thoughts and experiences we all have, but very few of us are willing, or able to explore. Each self-deception Jim uncovers empowers us to look at our own lives with trans-formative honesty.

Illusive Secrets is a profoundly spiritual approach to a better way of life that facilitates our journey toward the expression of love on a daily basis. It teaches nothing directly. Instead, it offers examples that inspire those who are willing, to follow an honest path of self-awareness leading to one final destination: our true self.

James Patrick McDonald

About James Patrick McDonald (Cleveland, Ohio Author)

James Patrick McDonald

James is a contemporary author and spiritual guide who does not align himself with religion or specific teachings. He offers a simple and accessible approach to finding harmony and inner peace through willingness, self-exploration, and honesty.

At the age of 30, James experienced a profound transformation of grace that left him in a state of complete and total surrender. That awakening experience propelled him on an intense journey of self-discovery allowing him to understand and integrate all aspects of the experience into is his daily life. In the years that followed he experienced a series of inner transformations that shifted the direction and purpose of his life. Each experience brought a deeper sense of peace than the previous and enhanced his devotion and willingness to share what he was experiencing with others.

James' awakening has been a real-world process dependent upon the suspension of judgment by looking directly at the suffering our judgments bring us - an experience that emerges from willingness and self-honesty. He uses an enriching blend of teaching styles and traditions and draws on his education, skills as a training and development professional, personal experience and humorous insight as the foundation for his sharing and teaching.

He offers himself as a guide to others ready to rediscover their inner peace through one-on-one mentoring sessions, books and audio, presentations, groups, and workshops.

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