Images of America: Chesterfield Township

Images of America: Chesterfield Township
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The first French explorers and missionaries came to the area that would later be known as Chesterfield Township around 1611, naming the dominant waterway Luc Sainte Claire. The first purchase of government land was made by Fabian Robertjean on August 20, 1820, in Section 11, near New Baltimore’s Washington Street.

 In 1842, via Public Act 57, the Michigan State Legislature officially created the charter township of Chesterfield. Chesterfield is nestled between two old Michigan cities, New Baltimore and Mt. Clemens. 

 The history of the township is closely aligned with these two cities, especially New Baltimore, with whom it has shared a post office from the time the New Baltimore Post Office was established in 1851 as Ashleyville (named for founder Alfred Ashley) and given its current name in 1855. New Baltimore was a part of Chesterfield until 1931, when it “seceded” from the township.

Alan Dean Naldrett

About Alan Dean Naldrett (Detroit, Michigan Author)

Alan Dean Naldrett

Alan Naldrett Biography

As a college student, Alan Naldrett started one of the nation’s first used record stores on the campus of Michigan State University, where he received his BA degree.

Moving to California, Alan was an insurance agent in the San Francisco Bay Area. From his office in Fremont, California, he sold Farmers Insurance, Metropolitan Insurance, and the insurance of other companies. But when his main topic of conversation became actuarial tables and all his friends had more than adequate insurance coverage, he decided it was time for a change.

Relocating back to Michigan, he acquired a couple of Master’s Degrees in Library and Information and Archival Science from Wayne State University. He was first a medical librarian and then was an academic librarian at Baker College of Auburn Hills for more than ten years.

Upon retirement he continued writing books, a practice he started while a reference librarian. He has now written over ten books, including the Lost Towns of Eastern Michigan, and the Lost Car Companies of Detroit.

Another action Alan Naldrett has taken up is archival organization. He has arranged historical files for Baker College, Chesterfield Township, the Wills Sainte Claire Museum, the First Congregational Church of New Baltimore, the Chesterfield and New Baltimore Historical Societies, Green School, and more, almost always on a volunteer basis.

Although knowing little about vice, Alan is the former Vice-Chairman of the Macomb County Historical Commission and presently, Vice-President of the Chesterfield Library Board of Trustees.

A member of the Michigan Historical Society, he has written research articles for the Michigan History and Michigan Chronicle magazines. A life member of the Chesterfield and New Baltimore Historical Societies, he has conducted many programs and presentations for them, and for history-lovers all over Michigan.

He is also a member of the F Street Blues, a blues band, and J Street Jazz, a jazz band. He can be reached for band bookings, or book presentations at .