In His Time

In His Time
282 Pages
Independently Published
ISBN 978-1983201738

Just when the fires clear, floods, disease, doubt, and death take their place.

Allie Hubbard has had enough prior troubles. 1911 seems promising. Greater forces, however, have other plans and pour out a fresh round of trials.

Frank, her new husband, would do anything to see her through. Regardless of his wants, his practice seems to pull him away at every turn. Struggling with how to help his wife, he finds himself treading water with his own affairs.

With all ebb and no flow, both hope to survive unscathed. Can Allie find the strength to pull through so soon after the worst season of her life? Or will the waters clear enough for her to find deeper meaning through her heartache?

Stefanie Bridges-Mikota

About Stefanie Bridges-Mikota (Olympia, Washington Author)

Stefanie Bridges-Mikota

Stefanie Bridges-Mikota grew up in a small town in SW Washington halfway between the beautiful Pacific Ocean and Majestic Cascade Mountains. She was raised by two hard working people who instilled old time values in a modern world. She married her high school sweetheart and together they have two children. The small town they call home is not far from Stefanie’s childhood roots and an easy place to be a writer without all of the business found in the cities to the north and south.

Stefanie is one of those people who, despite quickly approaching middle age, is still trying to decide what to do when she grows up. She has worked in a variety of fields which has given her some great knowledge to work into future books. Now she is trying her hand at writing which she finds quite fulfilling. Stefanie has other works started and is anxious to introduce them to the world in the near future.

To follow Stefanie like her Facebook page,, or send her an email at You can also visit her website at She loves hearing from her readers.

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