Into the Fairy Forest – Book One of the Chronicles of Pan series

Into the Fairy Forest
398 Pages
ISBN 1941072585, 9781941072585

Pippa is a typical teenager, if you don’t consider her inability to operate a cell phone. But then a-typical things start to happen. First her mother dies in a mysterious fire, then a fire seems to come after her. After the ground tries to eat her friend, she runs right into the arms of the most beautiful boy she has ever seen, Pan ... Then things get really strange.

When Pan opens a whole new world up to Pippa, she finds herself attending fairy weddings, running with satyrs, and battling a mad centaur. She also learns there are many secrets being kept, some about her and her family, and worse, they are kept from her. But, all she really wants is to find her way back into Pan’s embrace.

J.M. Stephen

About J.M. Stephen (Hudson Valley, New York Author)

J.M. Stephen

J.M. Stephen has published numerous works of fiction and non-fiction in periodicals such as Ms. Magazine and She received her degree in Creative Writing from The New School and her MFA from City College of the City University of New York. She loves spending time outdoors in the Hudson Valley and is an avid reader of Science Fiction and Fantasy titles. J.M. Stephen also has a passion for anything Icelandic and she is currently learning the language. She has a thing for mythology and a thing for Vikings.

Her first novel, Into the Fairy Forest, is book one in the series, The Chronicles of Pan. Her second novel, Nod, a stand alone novel that explores the land of Nod, the place Cain goes after he is cast out of his family, is due out in May of this year.