Journey to Fez – A Road Trip through Morocco

Journey to Fez
215 Pages
ISBN 9781536988482

Barbara, her Muslim husband Abdulhamid, and 10 year old son Omar leave the US for a real Moroccan adventure. They rent a minivan and drive through the country during Ramadan. Join them as they explore its ancient cities, modern mosques, and natural wonders. It's never easy, but it is eye-opening as they take to the roads and experience Morocco.

With a magical Jinni following them, they ride camels, meet monkeys who delight and steal, haggle with locals, and make new friends. It's a fun story that opens a window into the everyday lives of Muslims.

Barbara Ali

About Barbara Ali (Milwaukee, Wisconsin Author)

Barbara Ali

Barbara Ali spent the bulk of her adult life traveling the world during a career with the US Air Force. She is an avid photographer, world traveler, adventurer, and mom. She and her husband, Abdulhamid, live in Milwaukee, where they have a "yours, mine, and ours" family of six children. The youngest, Omar, was born with Down syndrome and accompanies them as they seek out new adventures.