144 pp. Pages
ISBN 978-1-4602-4922-2 ; 978-1-4602-4923-9

JOURNEY TO LOVE is my spiritual quest in learning, growing, and sharing Love. The journey begins with a difficult childhood; winds through knowing when to leave each of two marriages; choosing a rewarding career; traveling on six continents; having the gifts of intuition and moxie; being in chronic pain; and overcoming health (pancreatic cancer survivor) and other challenges.

Lifelines on the journey are inspirational quotes; therapies; angels; paranormal experiences; and resources from extensive research/reading on life and its purpose.

It is my hope that my journey will assist others over the challenges in their lives.

Dolores A. Eckles

About Dolores A. Eckles (Charlotte, North Carolina Author)

Dolores A. Eckles

Dolores Eckles is a retired Library Media Specialist and holds Bachelor of Arts and Master’s degrees in Library Science. She has worked with students in Grades K-12.

During her career, she was twice elected “Teacher of the Year” and was the recipient of twelve (of fourteen) competitive, educational grants, one of which enabled her to study in Ireland for two weeks.

Ms. Eckles, who lives in North Carolina, has traveled on six continents; was a hospice volunteer in two cities; is a published author of the book JOURNEY TO LOVE and three articles in medical journals; and is in her seventh year of survivorship from pancreatic cancer.