Julianne's Wish – Magically Ever After Series - Book 1

Julianne's Wish
410 Pages
ISBN 9781633634138

Ten years ago, a very young and heartbroken, Julianne made a wish on a falling star. Now, if she can't find a way to reverse the granted wish, it could cost her best friend, Forest, his life.

When Forest realizes that the unexplained attraction, drawing him and Julianne closer, is proof that they are soulmates, he is dismayed. He is elf and she is human. Forest doesn’t want or need that kind of complicated relationship. Besides, Julianne has made it clear that he is just a friend.

With time running out before Forest must return to El’Faelin, the friends must accept difficult truths. Otherwise, they risk losing more than a chance at true love.

Marie Navarro

About Marie Navarro (Reno, Nevada Author)

Marie Navarro

A Reiki Master, who practices yoga and believes in magic, Marie Navarro began writing fantasy novels while traveling the United States with her husband.

She was a contributing writer for the San Jose Mercury News. She has also been a regional editor for the California Homeschool News, and a staff writer for El Observador, a bilingual newspaper located in San Jose CA. She is the author of The FeyTerrah series and the Magically Ever After series.

In addition to writing, Marie has worked in the airline industry, as a medical technician, and as a professional driver. She currently works in her community for the City of Reno. Born in the Pacific Northwest, Marie has lived in Mexico, Texas, and California. She and her husband (and a yard full of garden faeries) have made Northern Nevada their home.