Last Valander – Savage Sector Trinity Book II, Tomes of Zinka Volume V

Last Valander
376 Pages
ISBN 9781987017472

A Zinkan Crusader turns the tide.

The Uniarch’s time in the galactic seat of power is nearly up as the notorious Shadow Azúl, known as Shehbriel to few, rampages across the Multiverse to finish what the Saberog King started. After the disappearance of his entire race, Prince Shehbriel must start over from scratch to rebuild his own army and find those responsible for not just the Saberogs, but Zinka‘s destruction as well.

Simultaneously, other Orphan Raiders seek Shehbriel, like a light in the vast darkness of space, and God works to unite the remaining warriors against the corrupted House of Ghenna.

As space closes in on the enemies of Zinka, the tares will be cast aside from the wheat and they will burn.

Alexandra Edgeworth

About Alexandra Edgeworth (Fayetteville, North Carolina Author)

Alexandra Edgeworth

Alexandra Edgeworth holds a Master of Arts in Writing, summa cum laude, from Coastal Carolina University and a Bachelor of Arts in English and Literature from Francis Marion University.

Her core genre is Fantasy & Sci-Fi ranging from short stories to full-scale tomes which live within her all-encompassing Multiverse vision known as the Yaverse.

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