Life Lessons from the Chapman Daily Adventures – Hello, God?

There is always something interesting going on with Mr. and Mrs. Chapman and their kids, Daniel and Grace. Today's adventure takes place at bedtime as Mr. and Mrs. Chapman tuck the children into bed.

Daniel always has great questions, especially at this time of night. Even though he has said his prayers for as long as he remembers, questions start to rise up in his head. Follow the story and colorful illustrations as Mr. and Mrs. Chapman use common sense and scripture to satisfy their son's curiosity.

Life Lessons from the Chapman Daily Adventures: Hello, God? is a beautifully illustrated children's book that supports the teaching of basic life lessons based on faith and love. This book is the first in a continuing series.

Chicaga A Bauer

About Chicaga A Bauer (Erie, Pennsylvania Author)

Chicaga A Bauer

Chicaga A. Bauer holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Wellness and Health Promotion and an Associate degree in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Communications from Mercyhurst University. She is an author, public speaker, practical Bible teacher, and President of Raising In Truth, LLC.

Faith has always been important to her, and she has spent over 20 years in study. Chicaga loves to write and to share her positive, inspirational stories and “Life Lessons.” She lives with her family in Pennsylvania and is happily married with two amazing sons.

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