Lifeness – Harmonize an Entrepreneurial Life

158 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9984526-0-9

In Lifeness: Harmonizing an Entrepreneurial Life, business coach Tom Rubens inspires business leaders to make a radical shift toward the pursuit of harmony. The commitment to entrepreneurship can take over your life, and lead you down a path far from the one you imagined when you began your journey. Through stories about his business and personal life, Tom hopes to awaken in you a desire to align your business culture and personal core values so that you can truly achieve harmonious entrepreneurial success.

Tom Rubens

About Tom Rubens (Dayton, Ohio Author)

Tom Rubens

Tom Rubens is a business coach and expert in corporate culture and strategy. In his 40 years of diverse experience in business, Tom founded a commodity trading company, a real estate brokerage, and assembled investment groups to buy minor league baseball and basketball franchise. Today, he helps entrepreneurs and leadership teams increase revenue and productivity, and manage relationships and collaborations while living harmonious lives. His first book, Lifeness: Harmonize an Entrepreneurial Life was released in April, 2017.

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