Love Echoed Back – I Cried Out, He Answered

Love Echoed Back
128 Pages
ISBN 978-1490845784

Are you struggling? Has life become unbearably complicated? Is it unfairly twisted? Don't lose hope. There is someone who knows how to make things right. God is waiting for the opportunity to revolutionize your way of life. If you cry out, He will answer.

Love Echoed Back was written with you in mind. Our heavenly Father, working through Jesus Christ, wants to take the fear, pain, and disappointment away. In exchange, He will replace them with love, mercy, and grace. Life changes when we surrender to His way. Allow God to fill you with His love and prepare to be amazed.

"Many times when faced with a defining moment in life, a person has the choice to either be defeated or to look for the deeper aspects of the silver lining. Elaine has chosen the latter. She has delved into the heart of Jesus while experiencing true heartache. She has taken the opportunity to grow and see the best aspects of our Lord, even in the hardest of situations. Jesus tells us in Scripture that if we love and obey Him, we will know the very heart of God. Elaine's story allows God to reveal how much He loves her (and us) and how He has shown His heart to her. This is a wonderful journey that Elaine has allowed us to walk with her. Blessings" -Paula Corder; friend, mother, and Meemaw

Elaine Lankford

About Elaine Lankford (Virginia Beach, Virginia Author)

Elaine Lankford

During her childhood, Elaine was raised in the Christian faith and attended Western Branch Baptist Church. She gave her life to the Lord at age 11. Currently she is a long-standing member of Believers Church in Chesapeake, Virginia. There she serves the Lord in several capacities. She and her husband have been small group leaders for several years now. Elaine is a part of the Prayer Team, and prays each week over those seeking intercession after the evening service. She is also a member of the Believers Church Missions Team, traveling yearly to Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua to support the local church and orphanage there.

Today, Elaine is following the Lord in writing and speaking His word. She has founded Transforming Love Ministries, and her goal in starting this ministry is to develop a full-service women’s ministry in the Hampton Roads area that will bring women of all denominations together on a regular basis.

She wrote her first book, Love Echoed Back, after going through a tremendous trial that stretched from 2008 to 2013. She hopes in sharing her story, and how Jesus worked through that situation, she will bring hope and restoration to others who feel discouraged by challenging life circumstances.

It is Elaine's greatest desire that everyone attain the kind of life Jesus has called us to and that they come to know the depths of the Savior's love. If you cry out, He will answer!