Love's Amazing Grace – The Reunion

Love's Amazing Grace
264 Pages
Aspen Run Press
ISBN 9781517460723

Abandoned once as a young teen, and then given as payment to work off his father’s debt, Guy felt worthless. The last meeting with his drunken father ended in a bloody fight. The fatal blow to his pa’s head marked Guy’s destiny. Now alone on a sinking ship, Guy felt abandoned all over again. He had hoped to die when he ran away to war, but now he wasn’t sure he was ready.

From the day John McMillan picked her up and forced her into the back seat of the black sedan with a whispered warning, Jo hated him. She refused to call him father. She would run away time after time only to be pursued and later stalked. Jo despised what her life had become, and wished her big brother were around to watch out for her. She felt hopeless. Was there any meaning to life?

Grace was outraged. Her wedding was only two months away. If what her sister Jo had told her about their adoptive father was true, she didn’t want him to have any part in her wedding. When she confronted him, he threatened to cut her off entirely. What would she do about wedding plans now?

World War II is over, but war still rages inside the children once abandoned by their drunken father. Family ties cannot be broken when determination and prayer are unleashed. The Larue siblings find each other again through a unique turn of events and share the sweet tenderness of a family reunited. Love's Amazing Grace is a story of the strength of family and the power of prayer. Two forces, when united, are impenetrable.

C.A. Simonson

About C.A. Simonson (Springfield, Missouri Author)

C.A. Simonson

C.A. Simonson began writing and submitting articles for magazines on what she knew – Christian education, how to motivate teachers and how children learn. Soon, she was churning out articles on a regular basis. It was not until her children were grown that she decided to write a novel as a legacy for them. Love’s Journey Home: The Search for Love was her debut novel based on true events from her immediate and extended families. It was published in 2013 as a Romance/Adventure/Coming-of-Age book. Love Looks Back: The Search for Siblings is a cozy mystery and family drama. One reviewer said, “It combines mystery and intrigue with family drama.” The third book in the trilogy is Love’s Amazing Grace: The Reunion, which brings all siblings back together again during the WWII era. It is book two in the Journey Home Series.

Candy has also has compiled and self-published an anthology of flash fiction called A Quick Read: One Minute Stories from all over the World. It features stories written in twenty-six sentences from A-Z. She recently published a nonfiction inspirational devotion book in collaboration with her sisters, as well as a children's coloring book with original artwork, poems, and stories.

When Candy is not writing or plotting another story, she enjoys crafting, playing piano, spray-paint art, and fishing in their backyard pond. She lives in the Midwest in the beautiful Ozarks. Her award-winning poetry and stories are published in seven anthologies, online content, and in magazines across the nation.