Madness in Liberia – The New Casablanca

Madness in Liberia
318 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9846371-6-4

Over 400,000 dead and one million displaced out of a population of three million. In a fourteen-year span, two catastrophic civil wars ripped apart Liberia. A nation formed by freed American slaves with a dream of justice and seeking the liberties that all people deserve became instead a nightmare land ravaged by a despot's crimes against humanity. President Charles Taylor is thrown out of power, yet his diabolical son attempts to wreak havoc and return to control. A small team of Marines is sent in to collect information on Taylor's war crimes and quickly becomes entrapped in a deadly game where there are no rules ... only the madness that is consuming Liberia.

Anthony C. Fabiano

About Anthony C. Fabiano (Charlotte, North Carolina Author)

Anthony C. Fabiano

Rising from the enlisted ranks to graduate from the U.S. Naval Academy, Anthony Fabiano retired from the U.S. Marine Corps as a Lieutenant Colonel after 22 years of service. He served two tours in Iraq and traveled extensively throughout the Middle East including Afghanistan and Pakistan while assigned to United States Central Command.

In January 2010 he led a team of U.S. military mentors into Liberia; the first ever joint team to do so and it became the premier mentoring program in Africa. He observed a nation brutalized by fourteen years of civil war that left over 400,000 dead and one million displaced.

His real-world experience in Africa with counter-insurgency operations and foreign intelligence gathering helped fulfill his desire to become an author.

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