Moonlight Hunting – The Cardonian Chronicles Book Two

Moonlight Hunting
282 Pages
ISBN 978-0982909782

With one quarter of the Cardonian population in his grip, Fillian Barnabas has made his way into the Steeple Basin and the next phase of his plan to usurp all control of Cardonia. But Moonlight is close on his heels, determined to rescue the friends Barnabas has taken hostage, and to put an end to his dominion. Separated from the small group of dissenters who pulled her into this fight in the first place, Moonlight must face not only a lethally dangerous Persuasive, but her own inner demons if she is to survive and win freedom for herself and her kingdom.

Kathrine LaFleur

About Kathrine LaFleur (Oakland, California Author)

Kathrine LaFleur

Kathrine LaFleur grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been an educator for many years and enjoys nurturing a love of reading and writing in her students. She writes books for a range of ages from four years to young adult. She hopes that her writing will empower readers to value their unique qualities and see their own potential to transform obstacles into opportunities to triumph. She currently lives in Oakland, CA, where she works as a teacher, writer, and publisher.