MOVE THINK SMILE – BurnOut to BadAss. Eléa's stress conquering method to get your life back when work burns you out.

402 Pages
ISBN 978-0999452806

STRESS. EVERYONE HAS IT. HERE'S HOW TO CONQUER IT. Are you feeling crushed by stress? Do you fantasize about leaving it all behind? Are you simply: DONE? The World Health Organization names STRESS as THE 21st Century Epidemic. BurnOut crushes 3 out of 4 people. It makes you sick and poor, fast. BurnOut is a giant obstacle that hits hard.

WILL YOU HIT THE WALL OR CLIMB OVER IT? Even though we can land on the moon, clone sheep, and build a particle accelerator, we're constantly baffled by HOW TO remove stress from our lives. The secret: you can't. Your body needs stress to survive. The fix is turning your bad stress (BurnOut) into good stress (BadAss).

ELÉA's METHOD: BurnOut took Eléa down, she found her way out while battling muddy obstacles in Spartan Races. In 14 modules, you'll master her fun, stress conquering method: MOVE THINK SMILE. It's how to live good, feel good & look good when work burns you out! Let Eléa train you on turning stress into success (obstacle racing not required). BurnOut sucks, but recovery can be BadAss!

Eléa Faucheron

About Eléa Faucheron (Charleston, South Carolina Author)

Eléa Faucheron

After having spent over a decade owning a local retail business in ocean sports industry here in Charleston, I suffered an extreme bout of burnout and was left wondering what happened?

Fascinated by human happiness and decreasing stress ​I spent several years rehabilitating​ ​my physical and mental health​ ​from the effects of stress. That's when​ ​I started a new company, MOVE THINK SMILE, a unique success formula to help individuals and companies turn obstacles into triumphs.

An avid outdoor enthusiast, I love Obstacle Course Racing, Kiteboarding, Paddle Surfing & Motorcycling. My wellness dedication and success has earned​ ​me several local magazine covers & features, as well as an opportunity to appear on the NBC primetime show “SPARTAN: Ultimate Team Challenge.”

With life, as we know it changing faster than ever, companies and professionals need support to maintain health if they will be successful. Let's face it—Stress, we all have it and we all want to beat it!